Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Opera - A New Approach

When you type "new opera" into your favorite browser, the logo pictured above comes up for the new "Opera" web browser.  Not music, but a digital resource.  A new approach to browsing.  Oh well.  We hope to change things.  Fresco is committed to making the word opera pop up as a music category within the first Google links, hopefully with Fresco Opera Theatre heading that list.  Since we are a new approach to operatic music, who knows?  We know we may never reach the coveted "1" spot, but we hope to at least have a showing in the top 5!  Keep it posted here - our next productions will give us a legitimate shot at one of those top spots!

We have to admit, the "O" looks pretty cool.  And ironically, we don't use "Opera" as our preferred browser.  Perhaps we should take a chance with something different...

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