Friday, November 18, 2011

Duet For One - Princess Charming

           Oh fair stranger, tell me your name.
Do souls in paradise invoke with awe and love?

For you I shall be called The Unknown.
  Who are you fairest?

For you I shall be called The Unknown. Who?  The Unknown!
  I am a fleeting dream.

  Will I lose you?  I’d rather die!!
  Where you go I go.

I’d rather fly never to know you.
  Why would you say such a cruel thing?

You are charming, Prince. If I could, I would be with you.
  Then let me hold your hand, I shall be your prince.

His harmonious voice holds my heart.

Stay with me forever, I love you.
  So soon! Listen, it’s striking!
  Why does time matter? Stay!
  Am I mad? Oh where did she go, my Unkown?

Act II Duet from Cendrillon by Massenet

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