Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Opera Pants

The night before the big night... The big show... THE OPERA! And I have a problem that I am sure is not unique to many opera patrons.

What to wear?

My dilemma is finding appropriate listening attire. At home I don't have a problem: undies and a t-shirt are a perfect match for my listening room, but I have a hunch there is a "no pants - no performance" policy at Overture.

Bottom line: I ain't gonna wear no uncomfortable dress pants to something I want to enjoy for 3 hours, such as Madison Opera's Don Giovanni. But I think I found a solution.

I pulled out 2 pair of my best denims - my "church" jeans, if you will. I am leaning towards the Calvins... The just feel better.

Church / Opera Jeans. Worn Only A Couple Of Times Since Washing.

After all, this night is about enjoying wonderful music and theater. And not about pulling the crease of the Brooks Brothers pantalones out of my tender areas during critical passages in the performance.

I am all about the "opera casual" approach with my wardrobe. One less distraction for an evening where all my attention will be focused on the talented musicians performing Mozart's masterpiece. And not my "creases."


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