Monday, September 16, 2013

Hollywood Help For Paranormal Make-Up

Paranormal Playhouse requires some serious make-up work, so we knew we had to pull in some big guns to see our vision come through.

Lyn Marie has been fortunate enough to follow her bliss across the country in pursuit of furthering her life both professionally and artistically.  Her drawings, paintings, and sculptures have been shown internationally and have found homes with stars of both theatre and film.
At the tender age of 5 her grandfather took her to see “The Creature of the Black Lagoon” which began an odd love affair with a world of not so cuddly creatures.  After encasing her younger brother in a plaster head cast at the age of 10 to make a “scary mask” she convinced her parents to purchase some instruction books on theatre make-up.  Lyn Marie later attended UW Madison and then spent two years at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design studying sculpture and illustration. This path led ultimately to a freelance job doing restoration work for the “Vision of Jim Henson” a touring exhibit paying tribute to one of her most profound influences.  
Lyn Marie currently works as a special effects make-up artist and sculptor, creating characters and creatures for Broadway and Movies.  Her artistic hand has lent designs to The Jim Henson Company, Harley Davidson, MGM Films, Universal Studios, and Home and Garden Television.  She has most recently been honored to work with American Idol Taylor Hicks on the National Broadway Tour of Grease as well as on the Civil War Film “Seeing the Elephant”.   Other familiar faces include Richard Chamberlain, Petuela Clark, Rob Reiner, MarkHamill, Sally Struthers, Rod Steiger and Vice President Al Gore.

You'll be able to see Lyn's work September 27 - 29 in Fresco Opera Theatre's Paranormal Playhouse. Fresco Opera Theatre - voted BEST OF MADISON 2013 in Madison Magazine!

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