Monday, October 4, 2010

Birthday Bash

Fresco Opera Theatre is about to celebrate it’s first birthday. And it is fitting that we celebrate with our second production - “Ding Dong The Diva’s Dead.”

We should revisit our history which won’t take too long since we are still pretty young. We started with a mission to make the fine arts, specifically opera, fun and more accessible to those with little experience, and also present a different experience for the more experienced.

Our first production, “Dueling Diva’s” was by every measure, a success. We filled the Overture Playhouse, and had the most diverse audience anyone in our group had seen for a “classical” concert. Fresco broke down the “fourth wall” that often times makes many a classical performance seem stuffy. While encouraging participation (via clapping and noise makers) we conveyed to our audience that they were there to enjoy themselves and could loosen up. With top caliber talent we presented a fast program with a wide range of material.

The audience responded with great enthusiasm. Our main objective was accomplished. With a successful show under our belt and a grant from the Dane County Cultural Affairs Commission, we embarked on planning our next production. Our directors had an idea of what they wanted to do: a show larger in scope, with more performers, more set pieces, more choreography, and technically more sophisticated. With the theme being “death scenes,” and our goal of having a performance in early October (Halloween season), we had the idea to stage these scenes to famous horror movie settings. “Ding Dong The Diva’s Dead” was born.

Fresco held auditions in June, and had an overwhelming response from singers throughout the Midwest. In the end, we chose the best 11 out of a strong field of contenders. We broadened the musical scope - with our music director expanding the instrumentation. We have increased our number of performers, as we have a dance number and added character parts.

We started working on this show about 6 months ago. Given the ambitious nature of the program Fresco envisioned, we had to be creative in terms of how we staged things. More than once, we were told “you can’t do that.” We persisted, and are confident you will see things you have not seen before.

A more ambitious program meant substantially higher costs for our organization. It is the nature of the business that we ask for donations and financial help. Rather than focus on that now, we simply have one request of you:

Come see what we have created for you.

We are now within days of presenting “Ding Dong The Diva’s Dead,” Fresco Opera Theatre’s second production - on two nights, October 8th and 9th in the Overture Center Playhouse. We feature 8 scenes with 11 singers. A world class pianist with string section. A multitude of dancers and extras and elaborate staging. But most importantly we will present world class musical performances. There will be comic relief, and we don’t have a dress code. As with Dueling Diva’s, we want you to enjoy yourselves without getting hung up on etiquette or lack of knowledge. We are confident, whether you are familiar or unfamiliar with opera, you will enjoy this show. And the best part is the price. We are a drop dead bargain.

Fresco Opera Theatre is proud of this production and excited to perform it for you. Come show your support for the fine arts as we celebrate our first birthday by joining us next weekend.

We will hit you up for a donation later. Consider it a belated birthday present.

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