Sunday, November 7, 2010

American Opera Idol!

The Boston Lyric Opera is certainly taking a fresh approach to opera, this year having held an "American Idol" style competition. This was part of an open house the BLO has been doing for the past couple of years in an effort to promote the arts.

This year, the "Linda Cabot Black Aria Contest" featured young artists presenting traditional material in new and creative ways. For example, some of the contestants presented arias in the styles of doo-wop, jazz and heavy metal. The pieces were performed and the audience voted for their favorite, with a cash prize at stake. This year the event attracted 538 families, a very impressive number.

The BLO encourages creativity in presentation, with the goal of getting these youngsters familiar with the music so they can understand the material better.

Hmmmm... this sounds like something a certain "fresh" opera company in Madison is doing.

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