Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fresco Opera Theatre - Best Of Madison 2013

And that is that.
Actually, we have a lot of people to thank. Out of the HUGE category of "Best Performing Arts Group," not only were we voted as one of the top three - but we were a write in. You, our fans, had to take the time to go through the ballot and actually write in "Fresco Opera Theatre"... And we think that is saying something in these times where everything is point and click.
We also want to thank Madison Magazine for this opportunity. It is a privilege to be a part of this tradition which people look forward to each year.
But having said all that, we can be called "best of" all day long, and it won't change our approach or attitude. We have a mission to create original entertainment experiences using traditional opera and original modern stories.
Fresco will not be all like, "yeah... we can mail it in because we are the best and now we can go easy." On the contrary. Expect more. Expect bigger. And expect better.
And get ready for a wild ride. Paranormal Playhouse, September 27th through 29th at the Overture Center will blow you away. Fresco's goal is to create the best, most memorable operatic theater experience possible. And we will do so.
Thanks again for your support!

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