Monday, August 5, 2013

Les Miserables - Comedy Gold Leads To Awful Earworm

The only experience I have with Les Miserables is when George Costanza sings a couple of lines from "Master of the House" in the "New Coat" episode of Seinfeld. That was 20 years ago, so all this time whenever I see an ad with the kid for Les Mis, that Costanzian ear worm enters my head.

I have never seen Les Mis. Not even the movie. So when Four Seasons offered me a couple of tickets for opening night I jumped on it. Obviously Les Mis has been everywhere of late, a revival of sorts generated by the movie no doubt. But I was always leery of that movie. I don't know about those actors singing material written for the stage and for "real singers"... is that too mean?

Luckily for me my first Les Mis experience will be with Four Seasons, the Madison group that has been performing high caliber productions for years. I look forward to opening night on August 9th. To finally experience, all joking aside, one of the more powerful works the stage has seen in modern times.

With all the talented folks involved with this production, I hope to rid myself of that 20 year ear worm once and for all.

Next: One of my favorite singers Rachel Holmes (a featured Fresco singer!) will explain to me what to expect from this production of Les Miserables from Four Seasons Theatre.

Jeff Turk


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