Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cosette Preps Me For The Big Show

Rachel Eve Holmes Stars As Cosette In Four Seasons Theatre's Production Of Les Miserables
Being involved with a company like Fresco Opera is great because I get to hang with some really talented people. Rachel Holmes will be staring in our next production, Paranormal Playhouse in September, but first she will be playing "Cosette" in Four Seasons Theatre's production of Les Miserables.

The first thing I asked about was what could I expect, having never seen the production.

"You should expect an epic tale, told completely in song. A story that will move you and make you laugh. It is a story about struggle, poverty, redemption, and forgiveness. It is about everyone having a voice, no matter how poor, young, or seemingly insignificant."

I then asked her about her character Cosette.

"Cosette is a girl who is taken care of by a kind, ex convict named Jean Valjean, who is constantly on the run from Inspector Javert, who spends his whole life working on what he believes is the side of justice. Cosette loves her father dearly, but as she grows older she starts to question his past. When his old life starts to affect her future, she is faced with the need to confront him. In the end Valjean redeems himself by revealing all to the person he loves most."

And what drew you to the Four Season's Production of Les Mis?

I was at "She Loves Me" the night that Sarah Marty first announced the change in the season last year. I could hardly concentrate on the amazing production I was watching because I couldn't believe that I might actually have a chance to sing my dream role! I knew I had to be a part of it, and I am so glad that the company believed I was the right fit!

What about this production? What stands out for you?

"The production is absolutely GORGEOUS! Brian Cowing's vision is simply stunning, and from an angle that I don't believe has been taken before (that is all I will say because I don't want to spoil anything)! The cast is truly (and I don't say this lightly) top notch in every way. I tear up at least once every rehearsal, and have at least one belly laugh! It still touches me, night after night. If it does that to me, having seen it a dozen times by now, I can't wait to see how it will move the audience!"

What is your favorite moment?

My favorite moment: geeze, that is a tough one! I guess if I had to pick, it is Marius' song, when he sings "Empty Chairs". It is so haunting and moving, and gets me every time!

And the last question, which is purely self promotional, What are you doing after this production? Who will you be working for and what will be title of the production be? And can we assume it will be at least as awesome as your experience with Four Seasons and Les Mis?

"Right after this production, I will be burning the candle at both ends to be ready for Fresco Opera Theatre's latest creation, Paranormal Playhouse, coming in September! I will be playing quite a different role here, as the Wailing Woman, complete with scary makeup, noose, and lots of high notes! Spooky! :) I have no doubt that the next show with Fresco will be one for the books! :)"

Look for Rachel in Les Miserables starting this weekend, August 9th - 18th at the Mitby Theater in Madison. Then watch for her in Fresco's production of Paranormal Playhouse at the Overture Center September 27 - 29!

Jeff Turk


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